we’ve been busy…

… the past few months! Mainly with the allotment and the polytunnel, lots of gardening – less travelling. Here are the fruits of our recent labour! (and our chicken! yes, we have 4 chicken now! Bridghid, Edith, Emma and Ohnezahn). 2 Light Sussex and two hybrids. They are just 2 weeks off point of lay, so in a few weeks time we’ll hopefully have some eggs 🙂 I’m in love with them already.

Bosta/Great Bernera

Fantastic trip to Bosta/Great Bernera, 4 hours of rambling around, found a great peninsula just off Bosta Beach. Screamed like a girl when driving there – the little green machine managed the steep hills/curves/drops there quite well though. You know you’re driving mostly on single lane roads, that when you’re back on two lanes you brake for oncoming traffic, looking for the nearest passing place…


Tiumpan Head coast walk, Flesherin chambered cairn and Aignish church

Amazing weather today and really warm and no wind, so we drove out to Point and went to three places: Tiumpan Head, walked around the coast there, then drove to Flesherin an walked to the Chambered Cairn there, link to Canmore site: https://canmore.org.uk/site/4388/lewis-shulishader-caisteal-mhic-creacail.

On the way back we went to Aignish church again and walked along the beach there.