Tiumpan Head coast walk, Flesherin chambered cairn and Aignish church

Amazing weather today and really warm and no wind, so we drove out to Point and went to three places: Tiumpan Head, walked around the coast there, then drove to Flesherin an walked to the Chambered Cairn there, link to Canmore site: https://canmore.org.uk/site/4388/lewis-shulishader-caisteal-mhic-creacail.

On the way back we went to Aignish church again and walked along the beach there.

North Harris Eagle Observatory

Took our new car out today (freedom! independence! woohoo!) and drove down to North Harris – wanted to go to Hushinish, but did not realise that the single track road that leads from the main road is 14 miles long, VERY curvy and full of cows and sheep that you have to stop for. Would have taken us another hour to get to the end. We decided to stop about a third along the way and walked up to the North Harris Eagle Observatory, and another kilometre further inland. We did see two eagles!