Arnol to Ballantrushal

A lovely 6 hour hike from Arnol Blackhouse (finally got around to see it, very interesting) to Clach an Tushal standing stone. The first half was pretty boggy and tough, the second half was across dunes where a lot of midden, burials and pottery were found in the 1980ies. Saw more standing stones and stone settings as well.

The Clach an Tushal standing stone was majestic, and this time we found the stone circle as well  behind it (we went there last year too). Took shelter in a ruin near the standing stone when it started to rain, very lovely.

Muscles are quite sore now after a rather gruelling week of strength training (finally hit the 120kg deadlift mark, the 35kg bench press and 35kg overhead push press. Not bad, considering I only started proper olympic lifting 2 months ago), daily runs, the 52km cycle to Callanish last Sunday, a fast one hour run on Thursday and 2 long hikes.



Went for a few hours up to the Bridge to Nowhere and a bit further along the shore, and then to the beach.


Maraig – Urgha – Tabert

A rather gentle walk in North Harris today along the old path to Tabert – from Maraig via Urgha and then Tabert. Visited the Harris Distillery as well at the end.

Not much to report about it, 10km walking on an easy path, nice weather, no midges and both in Tabert and Stornoway the pipe bands were out in full force😀


some epic clouds, picture taken on bus

Tabert to Molinginish and back

We did this last year as well, but the weather was pretty awful last year. Much better this time around, and we were able to get down to Molinginish as well. The midges were out in full force too….

Molinginish is a settlement which was only abandoned in the 1960ies, and the only way to get there was the path we took from Tarbert, across the Highlands.

On the way there we passed Mount Clisham – this time you could actually see it!


Mount Clisham

Well, I wanted a good steep hike up a mountain and I got one…:S glad there was a charity walk at the same time and the mountain rescue was there to assist and light the way, because that was not an easy climb. A climb is was, partly on hands and knees as it was so steep and slippery. Dense fog & mist, strong winds, slippery stones and boggy paths for the entire way, the descend took us as long as the ascend. Never thought I’d say that, but I was glad to be back on boggy ground! Walked all the 5 hours with wet feet, because I managed to slip at the start and fell into a river haha Today I’m sporting a few bruises, scratches on my shins and hands – but no sore legs, surprisingly.

Mount Clisham is a Corbett and 799 metres high, the highest mountain on the Outer Hebrides.

time to ascend to the summit: 1 1/2 hours

total ascend: 650 metres

No view from the top for obvious reasons… will try again when it’s not been raining so much before.

Kneep, Miavaig, Bhaltos & Reef beach/Viking burials, dun

Half-day trip to the Uig area yesterday, 5 hours of round trip starting from Miavaig across the hills to a dun (, a wheelhouse, along the Reef beach to the Viking burial ground, along the coast to two more beaches and back to Miavaig. We will go there again to properly explore more sites as we couldn’t reach some sites.