…. just a little walk along the coast from Habost to Cross, nothing spectacular….

I picked up a few stones on the beach and dragged them back home in my backpack – 9kg. Och well. Good workout for my legs. It was quite windy and rainy – luckily there was a pub where we could dry our clothes in front of a peat fire.

Gress chambered cairn & Gress beach

Short hike from Gress to a nearby Cairn https://canmore.org.uk/site/4336/lewis-carn-a-mharc – about 2km across moorland inland. We had great weather, and right from getting off the bus a labrador named Gordy adopted us. We climbed over two fences and he just jumped over the high barb wire fence next to it – he followed us all the way to the cairn and back, a very happy dogšŸ™‚

When we got back to Gress and were almost at the main road, an old lady stopped in her car and said that the dog’s name is Gordy and we just have to tell him to go home.

I did, and the look on the dog’s face was that of total disappointmentšŸ˜¦ Beforehand he was wagging his tail for 2 hours, jumping around – and as soon as I said ‘Go home!’ his tail drooped, he turned around and walked slowly backšŸ˜¦

We then walked to the beach and walked along there for an hour, then visited the croft we were helping out over the summer.

I’m pretty knackered as I’ve had 45 minutes of boxing/Muay Thai bag work and 45 minutes of yard work (circuit – flipping tractor tyres and such) in the morning… and on Thursday I ran for the first time all the way around the castle grounds, across the hills and through the forest and along the coast – 8.5 km in total, in one hour.

Arnol to Ballantrushal

A lovely 6 hour hike from Arnol Blackhouse (finally got around to see it, very interesting) to Clach an Tushal standing stone. The first half was pretty boggy and tough, the second half was across dunes where a lot of midden, burials and pottery were found in the 1980ies. Saw more standing stones and stone settings as well.

The Clach an Tushal standing stone was majestic, and this time we found the stone circle as well Ā behind it (we went there last year too). Took shelter in a ruin near the standing stone when it started to rain, very lovely.

Muscles are quite sore now after a rather gruelling week of strength training (finally hit the 120kg deadlift mark,Ā the 35kg bench press and 35kg overhead push press. Not bad, considering I only started proper olympic lifting 2 months ago), daily runs, the 52km cycle to Callanish last Sunday, a fast one hour run on Thursday and 2 long hikes.



Went for a few hours up to the Bridge to Nowhere and a bit further along the shore, and then to the beach.