Gardening Time

I’ve acquired an allotment plot and space in a polytunnel recently, we’ve been digging a bed in preparation for a Hugelbeet today. A hugelbeet is a permaculture method of making a raised bed. Basically you dig out a patch, put dry twigs, logs, cuttings etc in it, then put the soil you have dug out on top of that, put sawdust, manure, compost etc on top of that and finish it off with top soil. The decomposing organic matter inside slowly raises the temperature of the soil inside, which then makes growing plants easier. It took us about an hour to dig out the peaty soil on this one.

quiet time

It’s been a quiet few weeks, here are just a few pictures from today’s walk around the Castle grounds and yesterday’s walk at Gress beach.

Sialabaigh Mor

Short¬†trip to a VERY secluded beach up in Gress (half an hour trudge through very boggy moor and marsh, there’s no other way to get there). Walked past an old water mill from the 19th century, with the wheel still attached to the side. Will investigate next time, we had no time as we were hurrying to catch the bus home.